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WordPress Web Development


Mainly working in WordPress, Brandon has developed a robust coding skill set, that includes PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery/javascript. Some projects are from idea-to-design-to-finished product, while others are just one portion of the project on contract as part of a team. He does this type of work for several marketing and design angencies as well as small businesses.



Print is not dead and Brandon is well-versed in its principles. He started his career working in a print (lithography) labratory and in newspaper production. Other design professionals/firms are often clients as well as small-to-large businesses. A lot of designers can create beautiful designs, but to keep them looking good, a designer needs to understand printing as well.

logo design


There is something wonderful about boiling complex ideas and brands into the simplest forms possible and Brandon is quite good at it. All logos are produced with the end application in mind and are completely tailored to the client. Files are produced in appropriate print and web formats. Almost all logo clients are small businesses.






Designed by the folks at Tactic Marketing, I developed a membership website on the WordPress platform.

All Sport Couture

Development Work with Lodge Design. The folks over at Lodge Design created the designs and handed it over to me to create a WordPress site. We also used the eCommerce solution "Volusion" to handle the shop portion of the site, so it required some clever coding to connect the two sites seamlessly.

Irvington Development Organization

Postcard invitation to Irvington Development Organization's annual meeting. The image celebrates the Streetscape project along East Washington Street.

Stand By Me Poster

This poster was created for the 2012 "Bigger Picture Show" at Big Car Service Center in Indianapolis. The show featured redesigned posters from around 50 of Indy's best designers.

Mile Square Coffee Truck

Mile Square Coffee Roastery has been a great client! We've worked on logos, packaging, an ecommerce website, and a coffee truck wrap together.

Binding Bee

The Binding Bee needed a little help getting the internet hive set up. She had a WordPress install, a theme chosen, and a plan. We got the site fully customized and looking great in no time! There are customized social media icons that match her color palette, as well as submit/search buttons, among numerous little details that make this customization extra nice.

Robot Posters

More robot posters are being created every day, most likely by robots. As the robocalypse proceeds they get scarier and less friendly.

AMPG Catalog

AMPG needed a custom solution—A WordPress front-end interface with an integration to a custom CMS for product management. We achieved this using two MySQL databases that could be called with WordPress. The cataolog interface is only accessible by authorized users and not indexed.